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2022 good triple-axle dump truck for sale

triple-axle dump truck are great for contractors who need to haul a large amount of material. These trucks can hold a variety of different materials, including sand, gravel and dirt. Here are the top rated triple-axle dump truck for sale in 2020:

New triple-axle dump truck for sale

triple-axle dump truck are used for many different types of construction and mining applications. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and configurations. If you need to transport heavy loads that don’t require a large capacity truck, then Euro 4 Shacman F3000 336HP used 6X4 dump truck will be perfect for your needs.

triple-axle dump truck Euro 4 Shacman F3000 336HP used 6X4 dump truck

 Euro 4 Shacman F3000 336HP used 6X4 dump truck Euro 4 Shacman F3000 336HP used 6X4 dump truck

This dump truck is in great condition, with 54100KM mileage and emitting only 4 g/km of CO2. It’s powered by a SHACMAN 336 HP engine, and has a 6×4 driving mode to provide the best maneuverability on construction sites. It’s orange in color, with a 5600mm cargo compartment size that can accommodate a large payload. It comes with 12.00R20 tires to ensure traction when hauling heavy loads. With its 6×6 drive system, it can adjust its tire pressure front-to-rear depending on load conditions so you get maximum stability during your job site runs.

How many ton can a triple-axle dump truck haul?

If you are planning on purchasing a triple-axle dump truck, then it is important to know how much weight can it haul. The maximum payload capacity of a triple-axle dump truck depends on the model you choose. Typically, most manufacturers provide the maximum payload capacity in their specifications section.

The maximum payload capacity of most standard triple-axle dump truck is between 750 kg and 2 tons, with some exceptions that can carry more than 2 tons (see below). This means that if you want to haul more than 2 tons of goods or materials, then you will have to purchase a dual- or triple-axle dump truck instead.

How many yards can atriple-axle dump truck hold?

The number of yards a triple-axle dump truck can hold depends on the size of the truck, bed, and dump body.

A larger dump body will mean more material can be carried at once, while also making it easier to unload material at construction sites.

What is the best used dump truck to buy?

  • What is the best used dump truck to buy?

As you may have guessed, there’s no one answer to this question. It depends on what you’re looking for and what your budget is. If you’re just looking for a basic, no-frills dump truck—one that can carry a load of dirt or gravel—you’ll want to find something with an engine in good condition and tires that aren’t worn out. If you want something more robust and powerful, look for features like large wheels and high clearance.

HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck for sale

HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck

HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck is one of the hot-selling product of Sinotruk HOWO. It can adapt to many heavy duty applications, such as mining, road construction, collecting waste, transport and many more. Therefore, HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck is a premium product at an affordable price.

What is the GVWR of a single axle dump truck?

The GVWR is the maximum weight a vehicle can legally carry. It is determined by the manufacturer during design and production. The GVWR is not dependent on payload or load capacity, but rather the weight of the vehicle plus the weight of its payload. For example, if your truck has a GVWR of 20,000 pounds and you have 15,000 pounds in it (driver included), then you would be over your limit by 5,000 pounds!

Note that this does not mean that you cannot carry more than your GVWR; it simply means that if you do so at all times (such as when hauling “dry” materials like gravel), then there are legal repercussions for doing so such as fines or having your truck confiscated by authorities.


The triple-axle dump truck is a great tool for anyone who wants to transport materials from one place to another. They can hold up to 5,000 lbs. of material and are very durable!

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