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Cement Mixer Guide:Ready Mix Trucks

ready mix trucks is an essential piece of equipment for any concrete contractor. Concrete mixer truck are used to combine cement and water, making a slurry known as concrete that is used in various construction projects. Ready mix trucks, which store the pre-mixed concrete on-site, are also commonly used by professional contractors.

What is a ready mix truck?

ready mix truck

ready mix truck

Ready mix trucks are used to transport and mix concrete. Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand and gravel, which is then mixed with water to form a hard, durable, non-shrinking material. Ready mix trucks are designed to carry and mix concrete at the construction site. The driver of a ready mix truck has to know how much price of a concrete mixer should be unloaded from their truck into the formwork in order for it to dry correctly. They also need to understand how much water needs adding into each batch of concrete that they make in order for it not crack when dried out or shrink once it has set completely

  • What are the different types of ready mix trucks?

Ready mix trucks come in various forms. The most common types are:

  • Dump Trucks

Most ready mix trucks are dump trucks and they can be either self-loading or automatic. A self-loading truck is one that has a front-end loader, which means it has an operator who drives and loads the concrete by hand, while automatic dump trucks have loading arms that pick up the concrete directly from the mixer truck when it’s needed to be poured into place.

  • Pneumatic Truck

Pneumatic trucks use compressed air to move cement forward into its holding hopper, where it can then be released onto another vehicle or piece of equipment (like a mixer) that needs the material delivered from the mixing site itself

  • Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Self-loading Mixer Truck

Self-loading concrete mixer trucks have a rotating drum that mixes concrete while it’s being driven across town. They’re great for pouring large quantities of dry concrete but they can’t handle wet material well because they don’t have enough space between their wheels and the ground, which causes it to sink into mud or sand before reaching its destination.

  • Concrete Mixer Trucks

Concrete Mixer Trucks

Concrete mixer trucks are the most common type of truck used to transport cement. They have an open bed that mixes the material and a cab where you put your operating license number in order to operate it legally on public roads.

How long will a ready mix truck last?

ready mix truck life

The lifespan of a ready mix truck depends on the quality of the vehicle. The quality of a ready mix truck also depends on several factors, including the brand and type of truck, as well as the engine and transmission used in that particular model.

Generally speaking, a high quality cement truck will last between 10 to 15 years before needing to be replaced. However, this can vary depending on how much use the vehicle receives during its lifetime (if you drive your work vehicle 100 miles per day for example).

While the quality of a ready mix vehicle does not have a direct impact on how long it will last, certain brands and types of trucks are more reliable than others. For example, if you buy an old truck with an old engine and transmission then chances are good that these parts will wear out sooner than they would if they were properly maintained.

The benefits of ready mix trucks?

ready mix trucks benefits

Mixing tank

Ready mix trucks are designed for safety, reliability and efficiency.

Safety: The use of a cement mixer truck ensures the safest handling of materials on site. The entire mixing process is enclosed within the trailer, preventing any dust or fumes from escaping into the air.

Reliability: Ready-mixed concrete is available in a wide variety of grades and types suitable for many different applications such as footpaths, driveways, car parks, basecourse etc. The flexibility of this self-loading concrete mixer truck means that it can be delivered to you exactly when needed.

Efficiency: With all ingredients mixed together at one location prior to delivery at your site there are no wasted trips between locations so saving you money!

How much is a ready mix truck?

ready mix truck price

Ready mix trucks vary greatly in price depending on their size, type and condition of their engine as well as other factors such as whether they have been maintained properly over time by previous owners/users (this will affect how reliable it will be). The average cost of buying one new could range anywhere between $50k USD right up towards $300k USD depending on these factors:

A – Size: This refers not only to how big your truck needs to be but also its weight capacity as well as whether you need something with more horsepower than what another model might offer since this will determine how much weight each load carries (the bigger they get).

B – Type: There are two main types available today which include diesel powered or electric powered models (though there are some old ones out there still running off gasoline) so choose wisely before committing yourself long term because once purchased there isn’t much room left for making changes later down the road even if money does become available unexpectedly later on when needed most urgently after purchasing!

how much price of a concrete mixer?* The average price of buying a new ready mix truck is around $200k USD with additional costs such as maintenance and fuel factored in later. * The actual cost will depend on different factors including the model that you choose, year manufactured as well as how many miles it has been driven for example if there are 200k miles left then expect to pay less than someone who wants an old one that only has 100k miles left.

where to buy ready mix trucks?

buy ready mix trucks

You can also ask your local construction company for a referral. If you have a concrete truck dealership in your area, contact them for more information about buying and selling ready mix trucks. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process of buying ready mix trucks, including how to get started and the logistics involved.

Good self loading mixer truck are an important piece of equipment for any construction company. They are used to move concrete from a plant to job sites, and they make it easy to have concrete at hand when you need it. Ready mix trucks can be bought or rented; your best option is usually to purchase one outright if you’re only going to use it occasionally.


With all the different types of ready mix trucks available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your business. But with this guide, we hope you have a better understanding of what they are and how they work. If you’re still not sure which truck is right for you, contact us today! We’ll help answer any questions or concerns about getting started with your own ready mix truck.

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