<h2 class="wp-block-post-title">HOWO 6×4 dump truck for sale in Cameroon</h2>

HOWO 6×4 dump truck for sale in Cameroon

I have been in the truck business for over more years. I have seen many trucks come and go, and I have sold a lot of used trucks as well. Right now, there is an influx of used trucks on the market due to more people buying new ones instead. This means that you can find some really good deals on them!

Euro 4 SHACMAN X6 Dump Truck 385HP丨6x4丨45000KM

With 39 years’ experience in trucks, SINOTRUK can offer you high quality HOWO 6×4 dump truck.

SINOTRUK is a subsidiary of Sinotruck, which is one of the largest truck manufacturers in China. SINOTRUK has been producing trucks for 39 years, and have accumulated rich experience in designing and manufacturing heavy duty vehicles. They offer a full range of products from medium to heavy duty trucks. With advanced technologies and excellent services, their products gained great reputation among customers around the world.

With over 60 years’ experience in building dump trucks, we are able to offer you high quality HOWO 6×4 dump truck with competitive prices and best service!

HOWO 6×4 dump truck is also called HOWO tipper truck, HOWO dumper truck, etc. The loading capacity of this truck is 30tons.

The HOWO 6×4 dump truck is also called HOWO tipper truck, HOWO dumper truck, etc. The loading capacity of this truck is 30 tons. The size and weight are as follows:

  • Dimensions: Length × Width × Height = 7495 × 2695 × 2265mm (L×W×H)
  • Weight: Gross weight = 19000kgs (without load), Total loaded weight = 28000kgs. Fuel type: Diesel engine type: 4 cylinder diesel engine output power: 118kw/6500rpms transmission type automatic gearbox drive type 4 wheel drive suspension type leaf spring

What is 6×4 dump truck?

A 6×4 dump truck, also known as a six-wheel drive dump truck, is a type of off-road heavy equipment. It has six wheels and four axles. A 6×4 vehicle has the same number of wheels and axles as a 4×4 vehicle; however, it can carry more weight because of its larger tires (which makes it more stable). This allows the vehicle to travel over difficult terrain while still being able to carry heavy loads like dirt or gravel.

How wide is a 6 foot truck bed?

A 6×4 dump truck is a kind of truck that has 6 wheels, 4 of which are drive wheels, and the other 2 are steering wheels.

The width of the truck bed is 6 feet wide and it’s length is 6 feet long.

Why are used trucks so expensive right now 2022?

The most obvious reason is the high demand for trucks, especially long haul and heavy duty types. These vehicles are not just used to carry freight; they’re also used by construction teams and maintenance crews. Since these are some of the largest workforces in the country, companies need to keep them supplied with equipment that can handle any situation they come across. This means that there’s a constant demand for new or nearly new trucks with wide beds, dump beds, or both—and when you’re buying a truck that has been well maintained by an experienced owner who takes good care of his/her vehicles (and adds value through personal customization), you get more bang for your buck!


With the increasing demand of trucks, the price of a used truck has gone up. If you are looking for a good truck at an affordable price, then it’s time to consider buying one online. You can find many different types and models of used trucks on websites like mine, but I recommend you check out my site first because I have been selling used trucks for over more years now!

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