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Howo Engineering Dump Truck

Howo Engineering Truck is an excellent product produced by HOWO. HOWO dump trucks are of high quality and competitive price. Howo used engineering dump truck can save a great deal of money, which can be used for other purposes. Therefore, when we buy a used engineering dump truck, it is necessary to know the introduction and features of HOWO used engineering dump truck.


1.Howo Engineering Dump Truck Introduction.

2.Howo Engineering Dump Truck Features.

3.How to buy?


Howo Engineering Dump Truck

Howo Engineering Dump Truck Introduction.

Dump trucks are large vehicles used in the mining and construction industries to transport ore or soil for excavation. They are usually, but not always, fitted with hydraulic equipment that allows the dumping of the load without requiring the dumper to manually break open and close the bed. Dump trucks are used in a wide variety of industries, including industrial work and urban use. Depending on application type, dump trucks may be made up of multiple beds or have only one bed.

Dump trucks generally have four wheels and an enclosed driver’s cab, with an open-topped rear area where the cargo is deposited. The vehicle is usually loaded through a front opening (hence its name). In general use, when referring to “dump trucks” larger loads can be transported by dump truck than would be possible by other methods (for example, a compacted gravel road) because of their ability to carry large quantities of material in one load.

Howo Engineering Dump Truck Features.

HOWO used engineering dump truck is mainly suitable for the transportation of heavy payloads, such as construction materials, coal and ore. They have high load capacity and good adaptability. It can be customized according to your requirements for special technical indicators such as uptime of engine, type of transmission and chassis configuration.

This truck is equipped with the Cummins engine or Yanmar engine according to customer demand, and the transmission adopts ZF 8-speed gearbox or 10-speed gearbox with VSP (Variable Speed Power Shift) system. It also has advanced combustion pressure control technology, which ensures stable operation under all conditions.

How to buy?

Choose us to buy a used HOWO truck from Zhengzhou Talenet. We are a reliable and trustworthy supplier of quality machinery in China. With us, you can be sure that you will get only the best quality products at very reasonable prices.


Our dump trucks are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability. We also provide a wide range of dump truck models and sizes to meet your specific requirements. Our dump trucks are equipped with advanced technology in order to meet the needs of different customers.

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