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HOWO Road Dump Truck

Road transport dump trucks have a good market and HOWO road transport dump truck is one of the hot-selling model. This dump truck has good performance and working capacity, low fuel consumption and high durability. So, it is suitable for construction site and mines.

Road Dump Truck

road transport dump truck.

The classification standard of dump trucks can be divided into two categories according to their uses: One category is heavy-duty and super-heavy dump trucks for off-highway transportation. It mainly undertakes transportation tasks such as large-scale mines and water conservancy construction sites, and is usually used in conjunction with excavators. Such vehicles are also known as mining dump trucks.

The other category is Light and medium dump trucks are by far the most common type of dump truck. They are commonly used for construction sites, farms and similar applications due to their size and maneuverability. These trucks have a low-set chassis cab and main axle assembly that make them very stable in raising dump bodies while loaded.

Road transport capacity dump truck generally speaking is not too large, and the range of 260HP to 350HP is sufficient. The road conditions of the road are good, so the dump truck can be carried out according to national regulations. Because the horsepower is relatively small, its cost performance is relatively high, especially suitable for long-distance transportation.

How to choose a road dump truck?

Our HOWO Dump Truck 350HP is mainly used for sand, gravel transportation and pavement road transportation. The front cross bar adopts Y shaped structure, which greatly increases the strength of the front axle; Several independent double-linked A1 rinks are adopted for technical innovation to ensure that it can be used at all kinds of roads. The main body of the upper body is mainly wear-resistant plate, which fully meets the requirements of road transportation.


This heavy-duty dump truck has a heavy-duty suspension, advanced chassis design for extreme working conditions and full lock differential system to help prevent the truck from overturning. The main driver’s seat is a multi-directional adjustable airbag seat with adjustable damping function, which is suitable for complex working conditions.

This door and window operation module has functions of electric window swing, electric rearview mirror and rearview mirror heating, which are very convenient for drivers in the cold season. Besides it can improve the driver’s comfort and reduce fatigue strength, so as to ensure safe driving and improve the working efficiency of drivers.

The sleeper is a functional sleeping platform to make the drive more comfortable. It has a good braking power, stable and reliable driving, while it can make you drive easier.


Sinotruk HOWO used road transport dump truck is equipped with Sinotruk MC07.34-40 engine, which can provide strong power. As a leader in the dump truck industry, Sinotruk HOWO has been adhering to the concept of bring higher value experience to customers

face value details

Dump trucks with great design level, comprehensive high safety and high comfort have captured the younger users. The dump truck cab width embedded lights and high-speed running lights help improve safety when driving at night.

How to buy?

For many customers, the location of a website is not the first factor to consider when making a purchase. The convenience at which products are available and competitive prices are some of the other factors that need to be considered when choosing an online supplier.

Our HOWO used road transport dump truck are all in great quality. We only sell the best dump trucks, and we offer a one-year warranty on every single unit. If you want more information and technical parameters of our HOWO used road transport dump truck, Please contact us.


The HOWO used road transport dump trucks can be used to transport materials and other heavy goods like construction sites, quarries and mines. The dump truck is equipped with a crane that can be used to lift and deliver objects horizontally, vertically and also at an angle, as well as a wooden part that serves as a workbench, so you don’t have to purchase ancillary equipment. The HOWO dump truck is also relatively inexpensive, which makes it an ideal machine for your business!

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