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Truck Guide: Crane Truck

A crane truck is a vehicle that is used to lift and move heavy materials. The crane truck has been around for many years and has grown in popularity due to its usefulness in the construction industry. As technology has improved, more companies are starting to use cranes for their day-to-day operations. A crane truck can be used at construction sites or warehouses where large objects need moved around easily without causing damage or injury. There are many different types of cranes that can be found on any given site but most commonly two types are used: boom trucks and crawler cranes.

What is a crane truck?

crane truck

crane truck

A crane truck is a vehicle that has been specially designed to carry and lift heavy objects, such as shipping containers or other cargo. It allows you to lift, lower and stabilize the load using its hydraulic lifting arm.

The crane truck is different from a normal dump truck Tri axle in that it has an extendable arm that extends out from underneath the vehicle (rather than being attached at the back). This allows you to lift up high loads without having to physically move them around yourself. In addition, most crane trucks have telescopic booms so that you can adjust your height and reach according to the needs of your project.

Cranes are typically used for lifting heavy materials onto or off of ships or land vehicles; however there are also specialized types for smaller tasks such as construction work where they might be used by electricians installing lights above ceilings in buildings.

How a crane truck works?

A crane truck is used for lifting and transporting heavy objects. This type of truck is also called a dump truck trailer combination.

To understand how a crane truck works, you must know the basics of how a crane works:

  • The boom lifts or lowers the load when it’s moved horizontally by turning gears.
  • If you want to lift something up, it will be pulled down by a cable attached to your load and then lifted up by another cable attached at the end of your boom (or arm).

What is maximum height for crane lift?

crane truck maximum height

In order to ensure the safety of your crew and equipment, it is important to know the maximum height your crane truck can reach. This will also help you get the most out of your investment.

The maximum height for crane lift depends on many factors including:

  • Type of crane (i.e., articulating or non-articulating)
  • Type of boom (i.e., telescopic or fixed)
  • Length and weight of boom
  • The size of the vehicle to be lifted, such as a quad axle dump truck is lower than a three-axle dump truck.

What life expectancy of a crane truck?

good crane truck

crane truck  life

The life expectancy of a crane truck depends on the usage. If you are going to use it every day, then it will last for a shorter time than if you use it once in a while. You can maintain your crane truck by following these tips:

  • Make sure to lubricate all moving parts of your crane truck regularly with grease or oil as instructed by the manufacturer
  • Keep dust and dirt away from sensitive components like gears, motors and gears because they will not work well when dirty or wet
  • Inspect components like brakes and steering systems regularly to prevent accidents caused by failure of these parts

How much does a crane truck cost?

crane truck price

crane truck price

The price of a crane truck can vary greatly depending on the model, brand and features. Large cranes with a capacity up to 1,500 tons are used for lifting large structures and vehicles, while smaller cranes with capacities in the range of 200-600 tons are used for lifting smaller objects such as cars or utility poles.

Because they offer a wide range of features and sizes, different brands have their own prices based on the options they offer. For example, howo sells some types of tractor trucks starting at $70,000 while others start at $80-$100K depending on their size and capacity (i.e., payload).

How to choose a best crane truck?

best crane truck

If you are looking for a crane truck, there are many things to consider. You will need to decide what type of truck you need, and then the options within that category.

To choose the best crane truck for your needs:

  • Check on how much weight it can carry and whether or not it is suitable for your job site.
  • Consider how tall it is so that you can fit into tight spaces if needed.
  • Decide if you want a front loader or back loader as this will affect its mobility and capacity.

How to buy a crane truck?

crane truck for sale

crane truck for sale

If you’re looking to buy a crane truck, we have some tips for you.

  • Check that any used crane truck is available for inspection in person before buying it. In other words: make sure it’s not just an image on the internet!
  • Finally, buying from us is easy because we offer low prices on High quality cement truck products backed by our expert service team that can help with anything from repairs to parts ordering.


That’s all about crane truck. If you want to buy one, then first read our truck guide and then go for it. But if you are not sure about what you are doing here, then hire a professional person who can help you in buying the best crane truck that suits your needs.If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or itachi@talenets.com!

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